How To Buy And Use Barrier Netting

How To Buy And Use Barrier Netting

You're going to want to be careful if you're looking for barrier netting because there are some options that are good and some that are not worth the investment. Here, you're going to get an idea of what to look for in this type of netting and you'll learn how to set it up properly.

Figure out how much netting you're going to need to make a barrier around a project that you're working on. You want to think about how big the area is in square feet so you can order enough of the netting to surround everything. You should generally go with a little more than what you know you need so you have extra to work with in case something happens and you need more. Shop around and see who will let you order the size you're going to need so you don't have less than what is required.

Make sure the netting is high enough to deter people and animals from climbing over it. If it's too close to the ground, then people will be tempted to just ignore it and may climb over it. When you're going to use a shorter barrier then at least make sure you get some caution tape to put around the area to show people that it is dangerous for them to ignore what you have set up. Animals are not going to care about warning tape so if you know there will be wild animals in the area, get netting that is high enough to keep them out.

Find out what a good price is to pay for the barrier netting you're going to have to build. You're going to want to contact a company that sells netting to see what it's going to cost you to work with the area you need to secure. Measure where you're going to put it so you can ask the company to give you a price quote that is accurate. Shop around a little at first to see who charges what so that way you can pay a price for what you get that you know is decent.

Learn what you can do to patch a barrier if the netting gets holes in it. Usually, you just have to buy a patch kid that lets you cover up the hole or tear so you can make it safe again. If you just leave a hole in the netting, it's going to get bigger as time goes on and that means the whole barrier will eventually fall apart on you if you don't care for the damage. Make sure you purchase a patch kit when you buy the netting so you have it on hand should something go wrong.

It's good to have barrier netting around an area that has a hole or other dangerous feature. Don't just assume that people will be safe if there's something dangerous they could get hurt by. The netting you get and install could save you a lot of legal troubles, too. 

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