Clear Full Visor Flipup Face Shield

R 95.99


Features :
Face mask half helmet and headband for the PVC material, the visor for the PC material,
metal package design, double-sided with plastic protective film.
Impact resistance, high temperature, anti-splash, anti-sand.
Can be free with, easy to install, comfortable to wear.
The knob screw can be adjusted to fit you head size.
Mask can removable, easy to disassemble, can replace the mask.
Forehead have sponge pad, comfortable to wear, let you work at ease.
Mainly applicable to mowing, metal casting, machinery industry, grinding,
mining, logging, chemical, paint and other industries.

Specification :
Material: half helmet for PVC, visor for PC
Total height: about 27cm
Width: about 25cm
Transparent visor: High: about 20.5cm
Thickness: 1mm
Color: Yellow Half helmet, Black headband, Clear visor

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